Employment Agency Register

Employment Agency Register

One of the tasks of the Voivodship Labour Office in Szczecin is to keep the employment agency register and issue initial certificates and certificates of unlimited duration related to making an entry in the employment services register in the area of the voivodship. The Employment Agencies Register allows the agencies operating in the area of the voivodship to be monitored. The presence of a given agency in the Register is a confirmation of the active action, and above all action that is in conformance with the legal regulations. The use of services of the agency kept in the Register gives you the confidence of safety. The credibility of the employment agency may be checked at www.kraz.praca.gov.pl

The companies, local government units, universities, associations, foundations, social and occupational organisations and other organisations providing services within the scope mentioned below may apply for an entry in the Employment Agencies Register:

  • employment services on the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • agency on behalf of the Polish citizens in regard to working abroad for foreign employers,
  • personal counselling,
  • professional counselling, 
  • temporary jobs.

At the end of August 2008, 209 entities from the area of the West Pomeranian voivodship, which run their business activity as an employment agency, were entered into the Register.

It is possible to obtain detailed information in regard to safe trips abroad and services (paid or free of charge) provided to natural persons by the employment agencies at the Voivodship Labour Office.

Voivodship Labour Office in Szczecin: tel. + 48 91 42 56 116 
Branch Office of the Voivodship Labour Office in Koszalin: tel. + 48 94 34 45 035